La Cabaña

Mexican Restaurant

Today working hours: 11:00 AM - 8:30 PM

La Cabaña

Mexican Restaurant

Today working hours: 11:00 AM - 8:30 PM

Lunch Special

Quesadillas Lunch Special (4pcs)
4 pieces of (soft corn or flour)...
Tacos Lunch Special (2pcs)
Two tacos (corn or flour) with your...
Flautas Lunch Special (2pcs)
Two lightly rolled deep-fried corn...
Enchiladas Suizas Lunch Special (2pcs)
Two fried tortillas topped with your...
Tostadas Suizas Lunch Special (2pcs)
Two crisp, fried tortillas topped with...
Tostada Lunch Special (2pcs)
Two fried tortillas topped with refried...
Chicken Fajita Salad Lunch Special
Large salad served with delicious...
Burrito Lunch Special
Any burrito from dinner menu, your...
Tamales Lunch Special (2pcs)
Two tamales covered with melted...
Chile Relleno Lunch Special
A cheese stuffed poblano pepper,...
Chimichangas Lunch Special
A rolled up fried flour tortillas...


Guacamole Appetizer
Avocado dip topped with chopped onions...
Queso Fundido Appetizer
Delicious serving of melted Chihuahua...
Quesadillas Appetizer
4 soft corn tortillas filled with...
Quesadillas w/Meat Appetizer
4 soft corn tortillas with melted...
Jalapeno Poppers Appetizer
Jalapeno peppers deep fried and filled...
Chicken Broth Soup Appetizer
Slightly spicy homemade chicken broth...
Appetizer Platter
Assortment of chicken quesadillas,...


Milanesa de Res/Beef Torta
Breaded steak sandwich filled with...
Carne Asada/Steak Torta
Skirt steak sandwich filled with...
Pollo/Chicken Torta
Big Mexican style sandwich filled with...


Huevos Rancheros
3 fried eggs covered in ranchero sauce....
Eggs w/Mexican Sausage (Chorizo)
3 eggs scrambled with Mexican sausage....
A la Mexicana Eggs
3 eggs scrambled with fresh green...

House Specialties

Skirt Steak Fajita Dinner
Sizzling strips of grilled steak,...
Grilled Chicken Fajita Dinner
Sizzling strips of grilled chicken,...
Chicken and Steak Fajita Dinner
Sizzling strips of grilled chicken and...
Shrimp Fajita Dinner
Fresh and seasoned shrimp, seasoned...
Shrimp and Steak Fajita Dinner
Strips of steak and juicy shrimp with...
Chicken Estrella
Thin chicken breast grilled then topped...
Filete Estrella
Tenderloin steak topped with melted...

Chef's Favorites

Carne Asada/Grilled Steak
Broiled slab of skirt steak served with...
Milanesa de Res/Beef
Breaded beef steak served with rice,...
Bistec a La Mexicana
Succulent pieces of steak simmered with...
Pork a La Mexicana
Delicious pork chops simmered in pica...
Chiles Rellenos
Poblano pepper stuffed with cheese and...
Tamale covered with melted Chihuahua...
Quesadillas Rojas
Three corn tortillas simmered in a red...
Carne/Steak en Rajas
Strips of skirt steak with poblano...
Pollo/Chicken en Rajas
Strips of grilled chicken with poblano...


Camaron a La Mexicana
Cold shrimp with lettuce, tomato,...
Deep Fried Shrimp
Eight large butterfly shrimp breaded...
Camarones Rancheros
12 medium shrimps simmered in ranchero...


Taco Sombrero Dinner
Red Taco filled with medley skirt...
Taco Dinner
Taco with corn, flour, or crispy corn...
Taco Norteño Dinner
Breaded steak taco with sour cream and...
Flauta Dinner
Deep-fried corn tortilla filled with...
Taco Ranchero Dinner
Corn or flour taco with red sauce,...
Taco Mexicano Dinner
Three steak tacos with corn or flour...
Quesabirria Taco
A red tortilla topped with melted...
Quesabirria Tacos Dinner
A red tortilla topped with melted...


Burrito La Cabaña
Large flour tortilla filled with...
Burrito Chile Relleno
Large flour tortilla, filled with a...
Burrito Plain
Large flour tortilla filled with ground...

Side Orders


Soft Drinks
Your choice of flavor.


Served with delicious caramel.


Enchiladas Dinner
Red corn tortilla filled with cheese...
Enchiladas A La Cabaña Dinner
Three red enchiladas filled with...
Enchiladas Poblanas Dinner
Corn tortilla filled with your choice...
Chimichangas Dinner
Flour tortillas filled with beef or...


Filete Tilapia Special
Filet tilapia grilled, with garlic, or...
Burrito Mexicano Special
Large flour tortilla filled with...
La Cabaña Special
10 shrimp, carrots, bell peppers, and...
Menudo Special
(32 oz) Soup served with 4 tortillas.


Tostada Dinner
Crisp and fried tortilla topped with...
Tostada Suiza Dinner
Tostada with your choice of meat,...

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