Hidden Manna Cafe

Breakfast & Lunch

Today working hours: 11:00 AM - 7:00 PM

Hidden Manna Cafe

Breakfast & Lunch

Today working hours: 11:00 AM - 7:00 PM

Lunch Specials

Fish Mix Sampler
Comes with one fried catfish fillet,...
Shrimp New Orleans Pasta
Fettuccine pasta with chicken and SPICY...
Chicken New Orleans Pasta
Fettuccine pasta with chicken and SPICY...
Cajun Mac n' Cheese
Comes with a rich creamy and delicious...
Hidden Manna Café Gumbo & Rice
Comes with crab clusters, chicken,...
Seafood Pasta
Fettuccine pasta with shrimp, scallops,...
Bourbon Shrimp & Rice
Comes with shrimp sautéed in bourbon...
Brown Butter Fish
Seasoned blackened catfish fillet with...
Salmon & Shrimp
Comes with grilled salmon fillet with...
Creole Catfish
Comes with a grilled catfish fillet...
Vegetable Platter
Served with your choice of three of...

Kids Menu

Two Plus Twp
Served with two buttermilk pancakes...
One Waffle
Served with two sausages or two bacon.
Fish & Chips
Comes with seasoned and fried catfish....

Sweet Desserts

German Chocolate Cake
A sweet and delicious slice of...
Double Chocolate Cake
A delicious and fluffy slice of...
Carrot Cake
A sweet slice of carrot cake with...
Lemon Cake
A soft and delicious slice of lemon...
Caramel Cake
Delicious slice of cake covered in...
Pound Cake
A soft and sweet slice of pound cake.
Strawberry Cake
A slice of strawberry shortcake full of...
Peach Cobbler Pie
Sweet peach cobbler pie.
Banana Pudding
Creamy and fluffy banana pudding.


Root Beer
Soft drink served with your choice of...
Served with your choice of flavor.
Raspberry Soda
Raspberry soda.
Ginger Ale
Soda of ginger.
Orange Soda
Orange soda.
Cherry Soda
Cherry soda.
Lime Soda
Lime soda.
Black Cherry Soda
Black cherry soda.
Grape Soda
Grape soda.
Cream Soda
Cream soda.


Catfish Salad
Comes with grilled or fried catfish on...
Chicken Breast Salad
Comes with your choice, grilled, fried,...
Kirkwood Vegan Salad
Comes with spring greens, spinach,...
Salmon Salad Dinner
Comes with your choice of grilled or...
Catfish Salad Dinner
Comes with your choice of grilled or...
Chicken Breast Salad Dinner
Comes with a chicken breast grilled,...
Kirkwood Vegan Salad
Comes with spring greens, lettuce,...

Lunch Plate

Pork Chops Plate
Two pork chops deep fried and your...
Fried Catfish Plate
A catfish fillet served with your...
Bluegill Fillets Plate
1/2 pound of mildly spicy fried...
Ocean Perch Plate
3/4 pound of mildly spicy fried perch...
Six Fried Whole Chicken Wings
Fried chicken wings served with your...


Stuffed Hamburger
Half pound of fresh ground beef stuffed...
Stuffed Turkey Burger
Hald pound of fresh ground turkey...
Beyond Meat Burger
Vegan burger with tomato, onion,...
Chicken Sandwich
Comes with a fried chicken breast,...
Po' Boy Sandwich
Comes with your choice of meat catfish...


Fried Green Tomatoes
Fried Buffalo Mushrooms
Crawfish Fritters
Six Louisiana-style corn fritters with...
Mussels in Champaign Garlic Sauce
Served with garlic bread.
Quesadilla Appetizer
Honey wheat tortilla stuffed and...

Hot Cakes & Other Goodness

Banana Foster French Toast
A sweet explosion of banana, pecans...
Chicken & Waffle
Served with your choice of a golden...
Lobster & Waffle
4 oz. lobster tail deep fried and...
Buttermilk Pancakes
Fluffy cakes stacked high. Served with...
Butter Pecan Pancakes
Hot cakes infused with butter pecans....
Cinnamon French Toast
Comes with hints of vanilla and topped...

Everything Eggs

Three Cheese Omelete
A smashing of mozzarella, American, and...
Vegetable Omelete
Comes with red bell pepper, onions and...
Spinach Omelete
Spinach and tomatoes and your choice of...
Seafood Omelete
Comes with sautéed shrimp, crab meat,...
Steak & Eggs
Comes with 120z. Ribeye steak. Cooked...
Pork Chops & Eggs
Two pork chops deep-fried. Served with...
The Eggy One
Comes with Two eggs, your choice of...
Fish & Eggs
Comes with your choice of fried catfish...
A Litte Something
One egg on white or wheat toast with...

Signature Meals

Shrimp & Grits
Creamy grits topped with red and green...
Grits Ya-Ya Vegetarian
Comes with spinach, mushrooms, cherry...
Fish & Grits
Comes with your choice of fried catfish...
Cajun Etouffee
Comes with your choice of shrimp,...
Comes with Chicken Andouille Sausage,...
Vegetarian Jambalaya
Comes with spinach, mushroom, cherry...


Soup of The Day
Please ask your server for details....


Shrimp New Orleans Pasta Dinner
Shrimp and Spicy Chicken Andouille...
Chicken New Orleans Pasta Dinner
Chicken and Spicy Chicken Andouille...
Seafood Pasta Dinner
Comes with your choice of Penne or...
Cajun Mac n' Cheese
A rich creamy and delicious macaroni...

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