El Cortez - Mexican Restaurant


Today working hours: 11:00 AM - 9:00 PM

El Cortez - Mexican Restaurant


Today working hours: 11:00 AM - 9:00 PM

El Cortez Favorites

Comes with tender skirt steak served...
Cook's Special
Comes with chunks of steak with slices...
Enchiladas Aguascalientes
Comes with a tender bone-in chicken...
Tamale Dinner
Comes with two pork or chicken tamales...
Tamales Cortez
Comes with two pork or chicken tamales...
Comes with your choice of seasoned...
Comes with grilled chicken breast...
Comes with your choice of skirt steak...


Botana Suprema
Comes with chicken or steak pounded out...
Quesadilla Pacifico
Comes with flour tortillas filled with...
Comes with beans, cheese,...
Chicken Fingers
Comes with tender battered chicken...
Comes with spicy BBQ chicken wings...
Queso Fundido/Melted Cheese
Comes with melted cheese blended...
Tostada de Ceviche
Comes with shrimp finely chopped on a...
Chips Appetizer
Crispy chips.
Salsa Appetizer
Delicious Sauce.
Combo Cortez
Served in a big combo platter of...


Veggie Fajitas
Comes with a sizzling mix of carrots,...
Chiles Rellenos
Comes with two cheese-stuffed peppers...
Guacamole Tostada Dinner
Comes with three flat tortillas topped...
Veggie Burrito Supremo
Comes with a nine-inch burrito stuffed...
Veggie Quesadillas
Comes with three tortillas filled with...
Comes with two pieces of bread topped...

Side Orders

4 Individual Tortillas
Comes with your choice of four corn or...
Papas/French Fries
French fries side order.
Rice Side Order
Beans Side Order
Rice & Beans
Rice and Beans.
Sour Cream Side Order
Sour Cream.
Beans & Chorizo Side Order
Beans and Chorizo.
Frijoles Borrachos SIde Order
Drunken beans.
Frijoles Bolas Side Order
Frijoles Bolas.
Pan Ajillo Side Order
Garlic bread.
Papas Ajillos SIde Order
Garlic Potatoes
Papas Ags Side Order
Cubed potatoes in traditional red sauce...
Papas Mexicanas
Comes with cubed potatoes in sauce...
Pico de Gallo Side Order
Comes with onion, tomatoes, and...
Roasted Onions.
Comes with your choice of sauce, Suiza,...

Mix & Match

Pastor Taco
Comes with marinated pork taco served...
Cortez Mix
Comes with chicken, sour cream,...
Shrimp Taco
Comes with grilled shrimp with lettuce,...
Norteño Mix
Comes with a breaded steak served on a...
Sombrero Mix
Comes with tender pieces of sautéed...
Picudo Mix
Comes with tender chicken breast chunks...
Taco Ranchero
Comes with marinated steak taco with...


Fajita Mix
Comes with the option to choose your...
Plato Cortez
Comes with a flour taco, enchilada...
Combinacion Norteña
Comes with tender (4oz.) filet mignon...
Plato Mexicano
Comes with one corn beef taco, one...
Steak Tampiqueña
Comes with tender skirt steak, a cheese...


Grilled Chicken Salad
Comes with crisp lettuce, tomatoes, and...
Taco Salad
Comes in a flour tortilla fried and...
Garden Salad
Comes with lettuce, carrots, tomatoes,...

Kid's Menu

Kid's Tacos
Comes with two meat and cheese tacos...
Kid's Burrito
Comes with a meat and cheese burrito...
Kid's Nachos
Bean and cheese nachos.
Chicken Fingers
Served with fries.
Kid's Quesadillas
Comes with two cheese quesadillas made...
Kid's Grilled Steak
Comes with chunks of grilled steak....
Kid's Grilled Chicken
Comes with chunks of grilled chicken...

Meat Entrées

Ricky's Especial
Comes with a tender filet mignon cut...
Carne Asada
Comes with skirt steak served with...
Filete Estrella
Comes with thinly pounded tenderloin...
Steak Fajita Dinner
Comes with chunks of tender steak...
Milanesa de Res
Comes with breaded steak served with...
Bistec a La Mexicana
Comes with succulent chunks of skirt...


Camarones Vallarta
Comes with shrimp lightly breaded,...
Tilapia a la Vizcaina
Comes with a flaky fillet of tilapia...
Shrimp Fajita
Comes with grilled shrimp with onions...
Camarones Empanizados/Breaded Shrimp
Comes with breaded shrimp served with...

Tortas/Mexican Sandwiches

Molletes con Carne
Comes with grilled onions, tomatoes,...
Pollo/Chicken Sandwich
Grilled, shredded, or breaded chicken
Pastor Sandwich
Comes with seasoned pork, lettuce, and...
Carne Asada/Steak Sandwich
Comes with lettuce, onions, and cheese.
Milanesa de Res/Breaded Steak Sandwich
Comes with lettuce, tomato, onions, and...
Carnitas Sandwich
Comes with pulled pork meat sandwich...
Torta Club
Comes stacked with ham, bacon, lettuce,...

Mexican Food

Tostada Dinner
Comes with three of kind flat corn...
Speciality Tostadas
Comes with three of a kind of crispy...
Flauta Dinner
Comes with three of a kind corn...
San Marcos Dinner
Comes with three of a kind corn...
Taco Dinner
Comes with three of a kind corn or...
Steak Taco Dinner
Comes with three corn or flour...
Tilapia Taco Dinner
Comes with two corn or flour tortillas...
Beef Taco
Comes with onion, cilantro, and your...
Beef Tostada
Comes with lettuce, tomatoes, and your...
Comes with lettuce, sour cream,...
Jalapeño pepper.
Chile Relleno
Comes with poblano pepper and tomato...
Comes with tomato, lettuce, beans, and...
Comes with sprinkled cheese, tomato,...
Comes with cheese, sour cream, and your...
Comes with chicken.
Enchiladas Dinner
Comes with three corn tortillas rolled...
Cortez Enchiladas
Comes with three red enchiladas filled...
Supremo Dinner Burrito
Comes with your choice of beef,...
Mini Burrito
Comes with your choice of steak or...
Quesadilla Dinner
Comes with three of a kind tortillas...

Platillos de Pollo/Chicken Entrées

Pollo Carbon
Comes with strips of chicken breast...
Pollo Estrella
Comes with chicken breast pounded out...
Milanesa de Pollo
Comes with a breaded chicken breast...
Chicken Fajita Dinner
Comes with chicken breast chunks...
Pollo Rojo
Comes with pieces of tender chicken...
Pollo en Mole
Comes with a chicken thigh served in...
Whiskey Chicken
Comes with tender pieces of chicken...


Caldo de Res
Served with hearty beef soup...
Caldo Xochitl
Comes with chicken soup in spicy green...
Comes with soup slow-simmered tripe...


Jugo/Orange Juice
Delicious and refreshing orange juice.
Horchata/Rice Water
Delicious horchata.
Crush Sodas
Comes with your choice of flavor.
Comes with your choice of flavor.
Jarritos Soda
Mexican soda served with your choice of...
Comes with your choice of flavor.

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