Burgers and Beer


Today working hours: 11:00 AM - 9:00 PM

Burgers and Beer


Today working hours: 11:00 AM - 9:00 PM

Kids Menu

Angus Hot Dog Kids Special
Served with tater tots, a fountain...
Chicken Nuggets Kids Special
Served with tater tots, a fountain...
Grilled Cheese Kids Special
Served with tater tots, a fountain...

Angus Dogs

Cheese Dog
Slathered with your choice of cheese...
Chi Town Dog
Classic Chicago Dog with onion, relish,...
Hot Rod
Angus dog with bacon, caramelized...
Junkyard Dog
Premium Black Angus dog on a poppyseed...
Naked Dog
Delicious all-beef dog without frills....
Pork It – Angus Dog
Bacon-wrapped and deep-fried dog....


Beef Nachos Appetizer
Fresh-fried tortilla chips smothered in...
Cheese-Smothered Fries Appetizer
Your Choice of fries topped with your...
Curdalicious Appetizer
White Cheddar jalapeno cheese curds.
Fried Bella Appetizer
Fresh-cut, hand breaded portobella...
Giant Pretzel Twist Appetizer
12'' x 12'' gigantic soft pretzel. Your...
Gravy Fries Appetizer
Your choice of fries smothered in brown...
King Rings Appetizer
Huge, extra-thick onion rings, great...
Macho Nachos Appetizer
A mountain of fresh fried corn tortilla...
Mozzarella Sticks Appetizer
Italian breaded mozzarella sticks, side...
Nekid Fries Appetizer
Basket of either tots, crazy or steak...
Pickle Chips Appetizer
Breaded dill pickle chips, hint of...
Shrooms Appetizer
Butter breaded button mushrooms.
Chicken Tenders Appetizer
White meat chicken and ranch on the...


American Bad A$$ Burger
American cheese, split hot dog, baked...
Bangin' Bacon Burger
Bacon-cream cheese, applewood smoked...
Bleu Baller Burger
Premium crumbled blue cheese,...
Button Pusher Burger
Button mushrooms, sautéed in garlic...
Cheesey Caprese Burger
Breaded mozzarella, tomato, basil...
Four Cheesus Burger
Melted with pepper jack, swiss,...
Fowl Player Burger
It’s topped with an egg,...
Gar-Licker Burger
Sautéed minced garlic, pepper jack,...
Glad-iator Burger
Grilled with greek seasoning, feta...
Hell Yeah Burger
Open-faced burger topped with fries,...
Hot Head Burger
Jalapeño cream cheese,...
Hot Mess Burger
Smothered in BBQ sauce, cheddar,...
Kanka-King Burger
2 half-pounders, king onion ring.
Lost Angel Burger
Peanut butter, applewood-smoked bacon.
Mac Daddy Burger
BBQ pulled pork, applewood-smoked...
Olive Overload Burger
Green olive cream cheese, American...
Shroomin’ Swiss Burger
Grilled whole portabella cap, swiss...
Smack Down Burger
Grilled jalapenos, cheddar, hotter-than...
Smoking Gouda Hash Burger
Gouda cheese, egg, and hash brown....
Swagger Burger
Premium crumbled blue cheese, applewood...
Sweet Ringer Burger
Brown sugar glazed pineapple ring,...
The Hottie Burger
Pepper jack, jalapeño bottle caps,...

Create Your Burger

Create Your Burger
1/2 lb fresh Black Angus patty on...


BLT Sandwich
Comes loaded with crispy applewood...
Bossy Bella Sandwich
Grilled portabella cap, bread crumbs,...
Down to Earth Sandwich
Fresh-cut, hand-breaded portabellas,...
Fry’D FIsh Sandwich
This one will have you hooked! Huge,...
Grilled PB&J Sandwich
Peanut butter, applewood-smoked bacon,...
MotherClucker Sandwich
Premium ground turkey, Swiss, side...
Pork Trio Sandwich
Slow roasted bbq pork, bacon, grilled...
The Vedge Sandwich
Southwest veggie burger, cheddar...
Thrilled Cheese
Comes with pepper jack, cheddar,...
Watch Out Below Sandwich
Triple fried egg sandwich, ham,...
The Piggy Sandwich
Slow roasted bbq pork served on a...


Cajun Blackened Chicken Salad
Cajun-seasoned chicken breast, garlic,...
Chopped Salad
Grilled Chicken, mixed greens, egg,...
Greek Nomeata Salad
Comes with feta cheese, cucumber,...
Ham ‘n Stuff Salad
Comes with ham, hard-boiled egg, bacon,...
Hot Chick Salad
Tender breaded chicken breast tossed in...
Oh Mai… Salad
Comes with Grilled Chicken, cucumber,...
Side Salad
Comes with cucumber, tomato, and...
Taco Salad
Seasoned ground beef, tomato, onion,...

What The Cluck?

Basic Bird Sandwich
Served on a toasted brioche bun with...
BLT Clucker Sandwich
Chicken, bacon, lettuce, tomato.
Buffalo Bluebird Sandwich
Breaded or grilled chicken coated in...
Chicken Ranch Sandwich
Chicken, smoked gouda cheese, sliced...
Hawaiian Hula Bird Sandwich
Chicken, ham, melted Swiss cheese, and...
Raging Rooster Sandwich
Comes with chicken, pepper Jack cheese,...
Smokin’ Q Sandwich
Rich, smoky bbq chicken, caramelized...
Which Came First Sandwich
Comes with chicken, fried egg, bacon,...


Chicken Wings
Wings your way!
Boneless Wings
Your choice of size (6 or 12 pieces)....


The Scoop Ice Cream
Vanilla ice cream drizzled with...
Lazy Man's Donuts
Bag O' Donuts shake in either cinnamon...
Brownie Sundae
Warm chocolate brownie topped with a...

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