About The Food Truck

The Food Truck is a local food delivery service aiming to help both restaurants and families. Founded out of necessity, Fresh Marketing Innovations (parent company) didn’t like how Doordash and Ubereats business models didn’t offer anything to help smaller, family-owned restaurants. Did you know they charge 25% or more of the total bill for a restaurant that isn’t a large franchise? For many of our favorite small businesses, that’s more than their profit margin. Not to mention, when you use these services, those delivery fees don’t go back into our community.

Fresh Marketing Innovations, through The Food Truck delivery service, is looking to take that business model and make it about our community. We want to provide jobs and help stimulate the local economy while giving back to the community we love. For every meal ordered, a portion of the profits will be used to help make sure families in need can put food on their table. Our business model is also designed to benefit local restaurants who do not have an advertising budget by advertising for them free of charge.

Thank you for your support in our mission to make sure no one goes hungry, especially in this time of need.